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The Hintersee is idyllically nestled in the middle of the Ramsau mountains, between Hochkalter and the Reiter Alpe. The Hintersee owes its existence to a huge landslide. Several thousand years ago, millions of tons broke off from the Schärtenspitze and the Steinberg and fell down into the valley and into the Klausbach stream coming from the Hirschbichl. The water built up and this is how the fascinating area around the Hintersee was created. 

Painted just as often by the world's most famous artists as the better-known and larger Königssee, the Hintersee is in no way inferior to its big brother. On the contrary. It served as a picturesque background backdrop for countless local films as well as cinema films. While you can only walk along the shore in a few places at Königssee, you can Completely circumnavigate Hintersee in just under an hour. Rowing or pedal boats can also be rented and of course you can also swim in the Hintersee, provided you like cold water. Even in midsummer, the water temperature in the Hintersee rarely rises above 16 degrees. However, other water sports such as stand-up paddleboarding, kayaking, inflatable boats, etc. are prohibited.

Magic forest at Hintersee

The adjacent enchanted forest is located on the eastern shore of Lake Hintersee. In this case, the name says it all and on a walk around the Hintersee you should definitely take a short tour through the enchanted forest. A wild fairytale landscape suddenly opens up in front of you. The Ramsauer Ache cascades with small waterfalls and makes its way around fallen trees and boulders. A fascinating and romantic chaos.

Huge boulders of rock that fell down into the valley at some point are now piled up between the trees. Or the trees continue to grow on the stones. Yes, there is. The path takes you past the obstacles and winds through the narrow rocky passages. It's a nice adventure for young and old and you should definitely plan it on your trip to Hintersee.

Wartstein and Magdalenengrotte

An absolute insider tip is the short hike up to the Wartstein. This can be easily combined with a tour around the Hintersee and, despite the small height difference to the lake of only around 100 meters, offers one unexpectedly beautiful view of the Hintersee and the surrounding Ramsau mountains. From the northern end of the Hintersee, a marked path takes you to the summit of the Wartstein in about 20 minutes.

Below you lies the glittering Hintersee with the Reiter Alpe in the background. A spectacular, unobstructed panoramic view of the rest of the mountains of the Berchtesgaden and Ramsau Alps opens up and you can only wonder why, of the many people who are buzzing around down by the Hintersee, hardly any of them make their way to this little piece of paradise. Well, maybe not so bad.

A few meters below the summit there is a natural rock grotto with a small altar and a figure of Saint Magdalene - the so-called Magdalen Grotto.

Wildlife feeding near Hintersee

In the winter months there is another highlight near the Hintersee - feeding the wild animals.
To get there you have to follow the road to the parking lot at the Klausbachhaus National Park information point. After the barrier that marks the entrance to the national park, you can only continue on foot. To feed the game, you now walk along the road, which is closed to public transport, for about 2 km to a large enclosure. The search for food in the forests becomes more difficult as the winter progresses and so the deer are drawn to the feeding places in the valley.

Between 13 and 14 p.m. you can see many deer there, but also deer with magnificent antlers that come here for their daily feeding.

We have a few winter impressions of feeding wild animals here written down.

Frequently asked questions

How long does it take to walk around the Hintersee?

You can walk around the Hintersee on a leisurely riverside path in just under an hour. There are some seating areas along the way with a beautiful view of the lake.

Can you swim in the Hintersee?

You can of course swim in the Hintersee, but the temperature is usually below 16 degrees, even in midsummer.

Can you hike at Hintersee?

Yes, there are many beautiful hikes that start directly at Hintersee or in the immediate vicinity. The most beautiful hikes in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden are, for example Hike through the Klausbachtal or to the Halsalm.

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