Hike to the Purtschellerhaus

The Purtschellerhaus is a managed DAV refuge on the Eckerfirstkamm, right on the border between Germany and Austria. This interesting and historically significant hike leads through a beautiful mountain landscape and offers spectacular views.

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Tour Description

The hike begins at Rossfeldstrasse, the highest panoramic road in Germany. You can start either from the Enzianhütte or from the Ahornkaser. The path from the Enzianhütte is longer and involves slightly more elevation gain, while the path from the Ahornkaser is shorter and less demanding.

From the Ahornkaser the path leads steeply down to the Eckersattel, where the two access routes to the Purtschellerhaus begin: the German Way and the Salzburgersteig, or Austrian Way. For the climb we recommend the German Way, which takes you up long wooden steps and then through the forest. The stairs make up about a third of the total climb.

For the way back we recommend the Salzburgersteig or the Austrian Way. This path is a little more comfortable and offers wonderful views of the Hoher Göll and the Salzburg Valley. The path winds down through meadows and scree until it connects again with the path to the Eckersattel.

Length and difficulty of the hike

The hike is short and relatively easy. The ascent from Ahornkaser takes around 1 ¼ hours, the total hiking time including the descent is around 2 ½ hours. The route from the Enzianhütte is about half an hour longer.

Tip: If you still have strength, you should definitely try the short climb above the Purtschellerhaus (approx. 20 minutes). After just a few additional meters of altitude, a spectacular view of the entire Hoher Göll mountain range opens up. This perspective not only offers breathtaking panoramas, but also an excellent opportunity for impressive photos. The path then continues in this direction Eagle's Nest. At a certain point it becomes quite adventurous, so we would recommend that you turn around. But trust us: you recognize the time 😉

Seasonal notices

The Purtschellerhaus is open during the summer season from mid-May to mid-October, depending on the weather. You can find more information on the official Purtschellerhaus website.

Historical significance of the Purtschellerhaus

The Purtschellerhaus was named after the mountaineer Ludwig Purtscheller and has been symbolic of the connection between Germany and Austria since it was built in 1899. Its location right on the border makes it a historically interesting place. After the end of the Second World War, the hut served as a temporary meeting point as the borders were closed, but the Purtschellerhaus continued to allow access from both sides. This special location gave the hut a symbolic meaning as a place of connection in divided times during the Cold War.

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