Wimbachklamm in Ramsau near Berchtesgaden

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Between the rugged rock faces of the Watzmann and Hochkalter, right at the beginning of the Wimbachtal, an impressive natural spectacle awaits you! The Wimbach has carved itself into a narrow, curved rocky gorge and rushes down the Wimbachklamm into the valley in a cascade-like and deafeningly loud manner.

Hike through the Wimbachklamm

From the parking lot at the Wimbachbrücke you hike to the right up a slightly steeper mountain and follow the sign “Wimbachklamm”. After a short time you will reach a small souvenir shop at the Wimbachhof, where great products from their own sheep farm are sold. Directly behind it is the machine where you have to buy coins for entry to the Wimbachklamm. From now on you follow a gravel road for about 10 minutes until you reach a fork. There you keep left, climb down to the Wimbachklamm and pass the turnstile.

The Wimbachklamm is only 200 meters long
, so take your time and enjoy the wonderfully fresh air and marvel at the crystal clear water of the roaring Wimbach. Everywhere it drips and runs down the moss-covered rocks. A spectacular experience for young and old! A safe, wide wooden footbridge leads through the entire Wimbachklamm, making the hike particularly suitable for families. The children will be amazed by the wild Wimbach and the flora and fauna in the Wimbachklamm. With a bit of luck you will also see an alpine salamander. However, the nocturnal and moisture-loving salamander often only shows itself during and after a summer rain.

After a mere walking time of about 10 minutes, you have already reached the end of the Wimbachklamm. Here the path branches off from the left towards the Watzmannhaus, or you can stay on the right side of the Wimbachtal and walk towards Wimbachschloss and Wimbachgrieshütte. We describe the hike and all possible destinations in detail here.

Hike to Wimbach Castle

Although it would be a shame to miss the Wimbachklamm on your tour, you can also “leave it on the left” and simply continue straight on at the junction that leads down to the Wimbachklamm. So you go further up, parallel to the gorge. By the way, this is also the way back, because the Wimbachklamm can only be accessed from one side.

From here you stay on the right side of the Wimbachtal and hike almost flatly along a wide scree field between the mighty rock faces of the mountain massifs of the Berchtesgaden Alps into the Wimbachtal. Here you can still see the Wimbach flowing, further up it seeps into the ground, like the rainwater. Here it continues to flow underground and then emerges again into the daylight in the Wimbachklamm.

Passing some wooded areas you get steadily closer to your destination and after a slight climb and about 1 ½ hour walk from the parking lot at the Wimbach Bridge you achieve that Wimbach Castle. While the Wimbach Castle was originally built in 1784 as a hunting lodge and used by the Wittelsbach rulers for their famous hunting trips, it is now a popular excursion restaurant and a welcome stopover on this tour. It goes back the same way.

Length (there and back) Duration (there and back) altitude Difficulty
8,5 km
Approximately 2 1/2 hours
330 m

Hike to the Wimbachgrieshütte

If you follow the wide forest path further into the Wimbachtal, you will see increasingly impressive views. The Hochkalter rises to the right and the mighty Watzmann massif towers to your left. From here you can also see the Palfelhörner, which marks the end of the Wimbachtal. You continue to follow the path through a sparse mountain forest, always along the impressive, rugged scree field, the size of which only now really becomes apparent. You then have to cross this a good half hour before the end and finally, after another 1 ¼ hours of walking from Wimbachschloss or 2 ¾ hours of pure walking time from the Wimbachbrücke parking lot, you come to the very friendly Wimbachgrieshütte.

A great, wildly romantic tour in which the Wimbachklamm almost seems like a bonus. The beauty of the Wimbach Valley can only really be seen from the Wimbach Castle and especially at the Wimbachgrieshütte. It goes back the same way.

Length (there and back) Duration (there and back) altitude Difficulty
16,7 km
About 5 hours
705 m

Entrance fees 2024

Adults and children aged 7 and over: 4 euros

You can get the coins for the turnstile at the entrance to the Wimbachklamm at the machine behind the “Wimbachs Wollstadl” souvenir shop.

Opening hours 2024

The Wimbachklamm is normally open from May 01st to November 01st.
However, weather-related, short-term changes and/or closure of the Wimbachklamm are possible.
You can get current information from the municipality of Ramsau on: +49 8657 988920

Wimbachklamm car park

The Parking is located directly at the Wimbach Bridge. We can only recommend that you get there early in the morning, later it will be tight - if you can even find a place. The Wimbach Bridge is not only the starting point for the hike through the Wimbachklamm but also for a hike to the Watzmannhaus and is therefore very popular and also very full after 10 a.m.

The Parking fee is 9 euros. You can pay via app, card or change.

Tip for locals: By the way, there is an annual parking permit that you can order for 40 euros from the Berchtesgaden Tourist Information Center. This applies from January 01.01st. 14 months and includes many tourist parking spaces around Berchtesgaden. If you travel a lot, this investment is definitely worth it. More about this at: https://www.berchtesgaden.de/kontakt-team/tourist-infos/jahresparkscheine

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Almbachklamm or Wimbachklamm?

Everyone who goes on holiday in Berchtesgaden is probably faced with the question at some point: should I go there? Almbach Gorge or Wimbachklamm? We say clearly – go to both! Both gorges have that certain something. The Almbachklamm is a little more natural and longer, but the Wimbachklamm is easier, making it a little more suitable for families with small children and you can add a longer hike through the beautiful Wimbachtal.

Frequently asked questions

How long is the Wimbachklamm?
The Wimbachklamm is only 200 meters long.

How long does it take to hike through the Wimbachklamm?
The hike through the Wimbachklamm is only very short.
For the Wimbachklamm itself you need about 10 minutes of pure walking time and the entire hike from the Wimbachbrücke car park takes about 1 hour there and back. 

Can you go to the Wimbachklamm with a stroller?
No, you have to leave the stroller at home in this case, the steps make it impossible to walk through the gorge with a stroller. A carrying bag is better here.

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