Winter wonderland in Berchtesgaden National Park

Today we took a wonderful walk through the snow-covered Berchtesgaden National Park in bright sunshine but very wintry temperatures of around -4°C. The starting point today was the parking lot at the Klausbachhaus National Park information point. There was surprisingly little going on, despite the weekend and the great weather. Good for us. 

Bridging the time - Wow, am I creative

We were too unprepared and incorrectly dressed to go on a hike to Bindalm, but we were too early to feed the game. So we decided to go a little further and set our sights on the suspension bridge in Klausbachtal. The way there is simply picturesque. The fresh snow glittered all around us and the sun shone in our faces - at least until it disappeared behind the peaks a short time later - from then on it got very cold, but it's not that far. Shadows in the valley, bright sunshine on the peaks. I would have preferred the other way around. But hey, we arrived and the pictures turned out beautiful!

Feeding wild animals in Klausbachtal

After the successful walk to the suspension bridge, we turned around again so that we could be back at the enclosure in time to feed the game. This takes place daily between 13 and 14 p.m. (only in winter) and is always an experience for the whole family. Completely unimpressed by the audience, around 40 deer and deer strut down the mountain to the feeding troughs. Although there was hardly anything going on in the rest of the national park, there were quite a few people – big and small – milling about feeding the game. Well, it's always a great experience. 

We can only recommend feeding the wild animals and a walk through the snow-covered national park is always a great idea anyway, but see for yourself, we also took a few pictures for you 🙂 

That was our short trip today, now we have to go again – to work! Until next time.

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